donderdag 3 maart 2011

Building a Mickey Mouse in the jungle

I decided to build a Mickey mouse in Moengo, completely made out of wood.

It seems like the country of Surinam is in some sort of transition. Many of daily peculiarities that I run into here, have somehow to do with this. But how the country was, and how it will become is quite unclear to me, as a visitor. Mickey Mouse counts as a symbol for a certain kind of transition - the progression of Western society. 

I'm asking habitants of Moengo, and children from the surrounding villages, to think along with me and to add elements to the sculpture. In this way eventually it'll become a customized symbol for the transition that the country is in.

 This is a scetch of how the sculpture of Mickey Mouse, with a height of 14 meters, will be positioned in the field
 The first weeks I spent on searching for good wood.


Before making a Mickey Mouse the kids have to learn how to make their own guitar

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