zondag 10 april 2011

Marcel Pinas and the soft pink soil

The aim of the projects in Moengo and the surrounding villages come forth from the idea and initiative of Marcel Pinas. He himself is a visual artist and wants his experiences and knowledge to pass on to the entire community, and most important to the youth in Moengo to motivate and support them and to develop their talents.

Marcel Pinas is the engine behind the Tembe Art Project. Marcel Pinas knows all the people of Moengo. And the few people that Marcel don’t know, they know him. In his Toyota Kluger Marcel drives through Moengo and by winking, hooting, gesturing or even by just passing by, he makes things happen. 

Marcel Pinas is the only person I have ever met, who has an external harddrive dangling under his Nokia mobile phone, to store all his contacts. This man, the man of who some people say he fell into the druid's cauldron of the potion as a baby, with all it's consequences, this man made a view calls for me. And then suddenly there were people with big machines. And there was soil, but not the soil that I dreamed of the last three weeks. No, better soil, pink soil. And the sun was shining again, and there were little black monkeys watching us from the trees…


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